Reemote acquired by Rogue Amoeba

Today I am excited to announce that Reemote for Airfoil has been acquired by Rogue Amoeba Software.

What started back in 2010 as a simple app developed solely to scratch my own itch quickly turned into a popular tool which to date has helped tens of thousands to manage their streaming needs. Ever since then my vision for Reemote has been to free people from their desks, allowing them to play music anywhere in their homes always just a tap or gesture away.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the wonderful Airfoil which is why Reemote couldn’t have found a more perfect new home than with the creators of Airfoil itself who have always been incredibly open and helpful about integrating with Reemote.

Starting today, we are taking this integration one step further with Rogue Amoeba releasing a new remote that is better than ever!

Meet Airfoil Remote


  • Universal App, looks great on iPhone and iPad
  • No more helper apps, Airfoil for Mac is all you need

Read the complete announcement over at Rogue Amoeba’s company blog.

Additional Notes

Rogue Amoeba has also acquired ReemoteHD and Reemote for Mac. Both are still available for existing customers, but are no longer for sale to new users.

Looking forward

As for me, I’m excited about building the future of Reemote together with the guys and gals at Rogue Amoeba and will continue to be involved in future developments but at the same time also keep running my own shop.

As a result, 010dev will be sunsetting as I am focusing on my latest app Ambify. I’ll still be around though, find me at or come say hi on twitter.

Last but not least I’d like to thank everyone who was involved with Reemote over the years, it’s been a great ride!

Ambify 1.2 available now



Today I am thrilled to announce that a little less than two months after Ambify was first released on the App Store, v1.2 the second in a series of major updates has arrived including a ton of polish, bug fixes and most of all a full blown library browser.

Arists, Albums & Podcasts

I know many people have been waiting for this and it’s finally here, a full blown library browser giving you access to all the Artists, Albums and Podcasts on your device.

Of course, the original playlists section is still around as well.


iTunes Match still causing trouble

I’d like to point out that the iTunes Match limitation still exists, meaning that when using iTunes Match, only content that has previously been downloaded to the device can be accessed in Ambify.

Spot the difference?

Among many improvements, Ambify 1.2 includes lots of visual and performance tweaks such as improved scrolling, a re-designed library view and much more.



Last but not least, there’s a ton of bug fixes and other non-visual improvements. And yes, those crashes some of you have been seeing since the last update are fixed as well.

Now, I’d like to take a moment to thank the entire beta team which really does an awesome job and was invaluable to resolving more than just a few issues. Thanks guys!

Want to contribute? Starting with v1.2, everyone can!

Ambify will automatically try to capture and report crash logs which over time will help to increase overall stability even more.

Wrap up

Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll be back with more exciting news soon, stay tuned!

PS:  don’t forget to help out your friendly indie dev and leave a short review on the AppStore

Reemote Server 2.0.1 released


ReemoteServer 2.0.1 restores support for Mac OSX 10.6 (intel) and is available for download now.


Meet Ambify


In late 2012, shortly after getting my hands on one of the rare Philips Hue starter kits, I started working on a number of apps that would use Hue to visualise music, movies and more.

After more than 3 months in development I am happy to announce the first of these apps is now available.

Meet Ambify

a Hue enabled music player for iPhone and iPad

Available Now


What’s Hue?


Philips Hue is a revolutionary lighting system that seamlessly integrates with smartphones, tablets and potentially anything that can talk to a wifi device.

Hue is being sold exclusively at Apple Stores.

Back to Ambify

So what does it do? Well, Ambify can literally turn music into light!

It’s as simple as selecting your lamps and starting a playlist. Ambify will then analyse and visualise the playing audio in real-time using your Hue bulbs.

A modern jukebox

Ambify was built to deliver stunning light effects that require little to no user interaction. It does so by integrating with the iPod Library and therefore allowing instant access to all the content that is already stored in on a device.

Sporting a beautifully designed UI, Ambify is a universal app and looks great on both, iPhone and iPad.

universal_appSee it in action

Watch the video and read more on potentially unavailable

Some users are reportedly unable to access the Reemote ( website. I’m currently investigating.

If you were looking to download ReemoteServer, there’s a temporary download available here

Update 2: after further investigation it appears that the issue is somehow related to comcast’s dns services. Therefore only comcast customers are affected.

I’ve contacted comcast dns support but due to the holidays don’t expect an answer anytime soon.

However, I will keep updating this post as the situation develops.

Again, please excuse the inconvenience and feel free to contact me at any time.


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