ITCHYapp is dead – long live M1x

What is M1x ?

M1x is the reincarnation of a concept previously known as ITCHY, an iPad controller designed specifically for use with the digital DJ suite ITCH*

Why is this so great ?

Aiming to take away complexity, ITCH* only works with selected controllers all following a 1:1 mapping which means unlike with traditional systems where any kind of Midi controller could just be mapped to whatever commands, midi itself is never exposed instead it “just works” if the hardware is supported.

While this may be nice in some aspects, it’s also very frustrating as it takes away the creative freedom to build your personal setup the way you like it, leaving you with great features you cannot use because the particular controller you own is missing a few buttons.

M1x to the rescue

This is where M1x comes in, with a simple, intuitive and gorgeous UI it provides controls for a variety of features that are either limited to certain controllers, hard to use otherwise, or not present at all.

The current feature set includes:

  • SP6 Sampler Controls (6 Pads)
  • Waveform Zoom
  • Hot Ques (5 Pads each Deck)
  • AutoLoop (5 Pads each Deck)
  • LoopRoll (5 Pads each Deck)

How it works

Even though ITCH* itself does not actually support additional Midi devices, M1x makes use of CoreMidi to provide a reliable and low latency midi link between an iPad and a Mac running the ITCH* software as well as a small helper app.

Because M1x is based on CoreMidi, it can be used wirelessly, using a special midi adapter or by utilizing the Apple Camera Connection Kit, with almost any Midi interface on the market .


Things are looking quite good, if everything goes as planned, the App should be available on the AppStore in Q1 this year.

Official website is now available at

Update: Due to recent legal issues a public release will be delayed.
In the meantime I have setup a newsletter to which I encourage anyone interested in this little project to subscribe so I can keep you all up to date.

Thank you for your support!

 * ITCH is a trademark of Serato Audio Research.
This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by Serato Audio Research in any way. Serato Audio Research does not approve, test or support M1x for iPad.

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9 responses to “ITCHYapp is dead – long live M1x

  1. freshcuts

    Nice work!
    Would love to try it!

  2. Wrex Mason

    I’ll give it a whirl

  3. Rob

    Would love to be a tester.. DJ-iROB

  4. Aviator

    I’m in the process of moving over to Itch from TP and have bought myself the Twitch. This looks a terrific enhancement, especially as it will give me access to SP6.

    Great work, looking forward to trying this

  5. Great! I’ve got 5 open slots, registration is available via TestFlight right here

  6. Markabre

    Looks great! Would love to help test this!

  7. TeckniX

    Just sent you a request to be part of the beta – Would love to help coding also if needed.
    I’d be happy to start including volume/cross-fader into this!

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