Reemote Mac and Reemote Server updated

If you follow me on twitter, you might have heard that I was once again having a hard time trying to get a perfectly fine update approved for the App Store.

I don’t want to waste any more time on this so let’s just say there was an unnecessary delay caused by one of many flaws in the App Store review process, but that’s part of another story…

Now, back to the good news, the situation has been dealt with and I’m happy to announce that Reemote for Airfoil 1.2 is now available on the Mac App Store.

In addition, Reemote Server has been updated as well and is now available in version 1.9.2

Here’s what’s new…


New Icons and Artwork

In case you ever wondered, yes – despite being a programmer I am actually doing all design and artwork myself and I enjoy it very much.

In fact, one of my favorite things to design are icons, so… here we are, new icons!

Improved fullscreen mode

Reemote 1.2 comes with an improved fullscreen mode, which does not only look great but comes in handy in a number of situations as well. Combined with an Apple remote it’s just perfect for use on a big screen or when working away from your Mac.

To bring it up, just hit the fullscreen button in the App or push the menu button on your Apple remote.

Muse support

With Muse – a Pandora Radio Player from Industrious One, Reemote adds support for yet another Pandora client.

Muse is a streamlined version of the already supported Musicality player, which next to Pandora, also plays Grooveshark and radio. Both are available from the App Store.

On a side note, I’m occasionally getting asked about adding remote support for the official Pandora One app.

Now, I’d love to make this happen but unfortunately, the Pandora One app lacks the necessary interfaces due to not being a native OSX application, so there’s not much I can do.

That being said, if you want to use Reemote with Pandora, you can now choose between the following third party apps, all of which are pretty great.

  • Muse – the Pandora Player from Industrious One
  • Musicality – all-in one radio player from Industrious One
  • Pandoras Box – a Mac client from Francisco Garza

Mountain Lion Developer ID

Reemote Mac and Reemote Server are ready for Mountain Lion.

Since Reemote Server is distributed directly rather than via the App Store, it is now signed with a Developer ID certificate so it should play nice with the new Gatekeeper feature to arrive with Mountain Lion.

Additional updates

  • Added an option to make Reemote Server launch on login
  • Fixed an issue with Reemote Server not hiding the dock-icon (if configured)
  • Fixed issues with code-signing and the Mac OSX firewall


Reemote for Mac


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4 responses to “Reemote Mac and Reemote Server updated

  1. Jan

    Does Reemote for Airfoil require a Spotify Premium account? Other remote app’s that I have tried requires the premium account type to work properly.

    • Hey Jan,

      Reemote doesn’t care at all about your Spotify subscription. However, remote controls for Spotify are currently limited to back, play/pause and skip controls.

  2. Sean

    What’s up with the website? I can’t bring it up for the last several days. I need to re-download Reemote Server.

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