better, faster, wearable – Reemote 2.0

After months of programming, re-designing and obsessing over details, Reemote for iOS finally gets the update it deserves.

Introducing – Reemote 2.0



for iPhone                                               for iPad

What’s new

Better Pixels

Thanks to our unique pixel production pipeline Reemote 2.0 comes packed with the latest high end pixels, made from only the finest bits and bytes money can buy!

No seriously, I think design matters which is why I’ve put a huge amount of time into making sure Reemote 2.0 gets the looks it deserves. Everything has been re-designed from scratch and every single control has been customised to fit into the overall appearance. I hope you like it.

More Pixels

Or course, looking good is one thing but in the age of retina screens, looking sharp is just as important. I know that, which is why Reemote iOS is now ready for all retina devices ranging from iPod over iPhone to iPad.

Hint: Reemote Mac will follow up soon.

Extra Smooth

Now, the best looking design falls apart if it’s annoying and slow, so next up is speed.

I’ve jumped through many hoops to make sure Reemote 2.0 doesn’t just look right but feel right as well.

In short, this is what you can expect:

  • Faster startup
  • Faster multitasking
  • Faster networking
  • Improved Animations

Wrist Mode

This one I’m very excited about, Reemote is going wearable by integrating with the MetaWatch platform.

With 2.0 Reemote supports MetaWatch developer models already and will support MetaWatch STRATA on launch!

So what does this mean exactly?

Well, it’s simple really, if you happen to own a MetaWatch, Reemote can connect to it, show you whats playing, provide remote controls and even more. It’s based on BT4.0 which means iPhone 4s or iPad 3 is required. On the other hand, it’s low energy, has an impressive range and even works when the iPhone is locked or sleeping.

BTW, STRATA is the first consumer grade MetaWatch to support iOS and will start shipping as soon as september.

Join the revolution – back MetaWatch STRATA on Kickstarter.

MetaWatch developer model connected to Reemote on iPhone

New Gestures

There are some really cool new gestures, too.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Double-tap the cover art to switch between regular and fullscreen mode.
  • Grab the cover art and drag it to the left, right or down to trigger various player controls.
  • “Shake to skip” at any time (now also available on iPad)


Also new in Reemote 2.0 for iPhone and overhauled in Reemote HD 2.0 is a beautiful and immersive fullscreen mode,  that’s just perfect for dock or wall-mounted setups.

Last but not least, there are some new preferences (check the for customising fullscreen appearance and for keeping the device awake while Reemote is active, which again is great when using Reemote in a dock and wall mounted setups.

Reemote 2.0 Fullscreen Mode

Wrap up

That’s it for now but the next generation of Reemote(s) is already being worked on, so rest assured, there’s a lot more to come.

Now, back to work.

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3 responses to “better, faster, wearable – Reemote 2.0

  1. How did you implement the Metawatch media controls, and how come no one else is doing similar things for Metawatch for iOS?

    • Well, there’s not that much to it really. I use my own implementation MWKit for communicating with the watch and drawing the screen, if that’s what you meant ?
      I guess others will start integrating as soon as the STRATA and more importantly, an official library becomes available.

  2. CKS

    Hi Kai,

    Great products. I am wondering if I need to buy a separate version of each (reemote for ipad, iphone, mac) or does buying one allow me to load onto each of my apple products?
    I want to control Rdio and itunes on my mac mini and my iMac remotely with my iPad and iPhone. How may reemotes do I need to purchase (after I download the reemote server for free?).

    Does reemote work with Amarra or Pure Music?

    Why would one need Reemote for airfoil mac when airfoil already controls programs on my Mac?

    Thanks for the help


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