Reemote acquired by Rogue Amoeba

Today I am excited to announce that Reemote for Airfoil has been acquired by Rogue Amoeba Software.

What started back in 2010 as a simple app developed solely to scratch my own itch quickly turned into a popular tool which to date has helped tens of thousands to manage their streaming needs. Ever since then my vision for Reemote has been to free people from their desks, allowing them to play music anywhere in their homes always just a tap or gesture away.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the wonderful Airfoil which is why Reemote couldn’t have found a more perfect new home than with the creators of Airfoil itself who have always been incredibly open and helpful about integrating with Reemote.

Starting today, we are taking this integration one step further with Rogue Amoeba releasing a new remote that is better than ever!

Meet Airfoil Remote


  • Universal App, looks great on iPhone and iPad
  • No more helper apps, Airfoil for Mac is all you need

Read the complete announcement over at Rogue Amoeba’s company blog.

Additional Notes

Rogue Amoeba has also acquired ReemoteHD and Reemote for Mac. Both are still available for existing customers, but are no longer for sale to new users.

Looking forward

As for me, I’m excited about building the future of Reemote together with the guys and gals at Rogue Amoeba and will continue to be involved in future developments but at the same time also keep running my own shop.

As a result, 010dev will be sunsetting as I am focusing on my latest app Ambify. I’ll still be around though, find me at or come say hi on twitter.

Last but not least I’d like to thank everyone who was involved with Reemote over the years, it’s been a great ride!

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